During an appearance at Turning Point USA‘s Activist Retreat in West Palm Beach, Florida, former Congressman and current talk show radio host stated he would run as the “Libertarian candidate for president” in 2020 if “Trump screws up” and “doesn’t advance freedom.”

Joe Walsh was an outspoken supporter for Donald Trump during the election, but argued that the election was not a landslide, but instead a close race won by 80,000 votes in just three different states. Walsh emphasized that “Hillary lost because she was a miserable candidate” and that other candidates like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders “might” have won. The former Congressman also called Gary Johnson a “goof” and said that the Libertarian Party needed to do better.

Walsh encouraged the approximately 500 16-23 year-olds to not be afraid to criticize Donald Trump on his choices and policies, stating, “If Trump does good I’ll hug him, but if he screws up I’ll kick him in the butt.”

Last year at Turning Point USA’s Winter in West Palm Beach Activist Retreat Joe Walsh had stated that if Hillary won then he would run for president. When asked the question “what is on your bucket list?” Walsh said he wanted to “make some news” and that is when he seemingly announced his 2020 bid for the Libertarian nomination for president if he does not think Trump advances freedom as president during the next four years.

I reached out for comment afterwards to inquire if Joe Walsh was serious about his statements regarding running in 2020, he said “absolutely!”

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